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Service & Travel Information

LCC Mobile App
This mobile app allows you to load your trips and gain access to travel alerts on the move. Any changes occurring during your trip will be relayed to you immediately, thereby helping you to plan accordingly.

Customer Profiles
For ease in serving our clients, we may sometimes ask for some personal info which we store with your permission in our systems. This enables us to complete all details required by various governments in order to facilitate your travel. We do this by building a personalised profile in our system, so we do not have to keep asking you these details every time you book.

Travel Alerts
We have a facility that picks up trouble spots around the world and alerts as straight away. This is essential for the safety of our clients as they travel the world. Once we pick up any info that requires your attention we make sure to pass on the info to you right away.

All transactions are raised in our back-office system as invoices, printed as PDF and sent out via email to our clients. We also provide statement of outstanding invoices to our clients periodically. This way both parties can keep track of what is owed and work towards keeping the travel account in good standing.